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dog farts are the worst!!
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Originally Posted by chris1044 View Post
Kudos to you for keeping her around. Obviously as most dog owners know, they really do become part of the family. I think a lot of people in your position would have pawned her off or worse yet

Can she still fetch? My parents had a spaniel that would walk into walls, but if you threw the ball he brought you, it would be back at your feet within 30 seconds. Funny part was that half the time he'd just tromp right through my mothers flower bed in the process. Eventually he lost his hearing as well and relied solely upon his nose to get around the house/yard. It's amazing how they adapt and overcome...
I made a commitment to her when I got her from the shelter that I will not break! I think I would even keep one of my human step children around if they lost their sight!

she will be no place as long as she lives but with me. if something happens to me I am sure my wife will do her best to honor my commitment to both of them.

She was never into fetch, more like I throw it she would go get it, lay down under a tree and chew on it. She still plays tug-o-war, and she has 2 babies that her sister knows not to mess with! She has had them for years and they are the only 2 stuffed animals in the house that still have the stuffing where it belongs, and not strewn all through the house.
she will just lay with them or lick them and carry them around the house. she does bite down on them but it is just to hear the Squeaker (that does not squeak anymore) crinkle. she will grab a bone out of the toy basket and chew on it as well.

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