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Originally Posted by cameron69 View Post
updates on Sasha.
We went to the vet Saturday, Monday and Thursday in the last 7 days resulting in a new bandage per visit. She DOES NOT want that thing on her leg anymore! The cone they had given her was too short so now we have a new longer one, and it is going on be on her when ever we are not able to physically be with her. Also got some lickguard to hopefully help keep her away from it.

The Dr. says her bone is healing nicely albeit slow. It has mended enough that Monday they decided to remove the splint and just put on a soft bandage for support so she can start walking on it. They want her lightly using it to help promote growth in the bone. She had the toes open on Mondays bandage so she could actually walk on it properly but she would still favor it as it had been in a splint for 6 weeks and a few days, so it's gonna be sore for a bit. Yesterdays bandage was done by a different vets office and tech so they wrapped the toes and she can't walk on it properly again, so she is keeping it off the ground. which is fine by me, as I want that bone healed! We are keeping her inactive and keeping a close eye on her when we are home. She is tired of that thing on her leg, as are we but we gotta stick it out for a bit longer. More x-rays on 5-13 so hopefully the bandage can come off and just keep her moving slow for a bit after that, and we will be all set. I will get some pictures of her in the cone of shame tonight for some public humiliation therapy.
Kudos to you for keeping her around. Obviously as most dog owners know, they really do become part of the family. I think a lot of people in your position would have pawned her off or worse yet

Can she still fetch? My parents had a spaniel that would walk into walls, but if you threw the ball he brought you, it would be back at your feet within 30 seconds. Funny part was that half the time he'd just tromp right through my mothers flower bed in the process. Eventually he lost his hearing as well and relied solely upon his nose to get around the house/yard. It's amazing how they adapt and overcome...
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