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Default Is Benghazi the end for the Obama Administration?

Now that these whistle blowers are finally coming out of the woodwork and are set to testify this Wednesday...

Is this the end for the Obama Administration?

The details already beginning to emerge are extremely disturbing. With each new leaked detail Democrats are starting to scramble for the hills and get as far away from it all as they can. The suddenly voiced "outrage" over blaming a youtube video that no one had ever heard of as a deliberate attempt to mislead the American public is still a major thorn in their side. Now with allegations of intimidation and threats by senior administration officials against these individuals for cooperating with Congress and Clinton's attempt to cut out their own counter-terrorism bureau from all of the decision making and reporting during the attack coupled with everything else we know...

This is the biggest scandal to hit the Presidency in decades in an administration that has been plagued by scandal since the beginning.

This doesn't even include Fast and Furious, which I'm sure will be brought up in the Benghazi review since it appears that this was ANOTHER botched gun running operation that armed radical jihadists instead of the Mexican Cartels, the multiple supreme court cases that are now seriously reviewing Obama's eligibility to even be President, the complete disaster of Obamacare, Gun Control and many states starting to stand up and tell the Federal Government to pound sand...

We live in interesting times. There is most definitely blood in the water here.

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