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A little about me... I'm still a college student, in school for business. Mainly just to get a degree and own my own company. I've been working in the automotive industry since age 12. Started out at the my fathers auto repair, and worked my way up. I've done quite a few different things over the past 8 years, parts, towing (by far the most fun), wrenching, managing, etc. I've have horrible ADD, you will probably notice after reading this thread. If I could get half of my ideas down on paper, and 1/4 of them into production, i'd be set for life...

I have an obsession with not paying anyone to do anything for me. I've never once had to pay to have a car/truck/jeep fixed. Everything I do, is on my own. If i can't afford to buy something, I make it. (excludes safety related items of course) You will see a lot of fabrication from scratch in here.

I'm working on this out of my fathers new shop. 8 bay full service auto repair, with damn near every automotive tool imaginable. Just finished building it this feb.
This was in the move in phase. Setting up hoists from our old shop and such

Everything will be built in house, unless i decide that something is money well spent.
When i say everything, i mean driveshafts, mounts (except engine... AA), brackets, all the fuel lines, exhaust, wiring harness, transfer case. I truly enjoy doing this.

Weekend build:
I'll be doing this project on the weekends, and after work. The plan is as follows...
Friday night: pull 4cyl drivetrain, install body lift.
Saturday: Mock up motor mounts, set drivetrain in, check all clearances, pull tub. Gonna get measurements for all my lines and such, exhaust etc. basically do a mockup of everything. then pull the drivetrain back out. burn the mounts in, and roll the frame outside, sandblast, and paint. bottom of the tub is getting the same treatment.
Sunday: Install everything i can, and finish the odds and ends after work throughout the week.

The next weekend if money allows...
Install 8.8, SYE, and finish any thing up i couldn't do during the week.

Following weekend...
Lift it, and pull the body for paint... Yes, paint.
Going Gunmetal grey, spraying it with a buddy of mine.

So here's some pics...

Donor: 2001 Yukon Denali XL, rolled 7 times. Landed shiny side up

Got the motor pulled, along with damn near anything i thought i could remotely use.

Cleaned up the motor, It really needs to be steam cleaned and such.

Wiring harness kinda done.

More photos soon...
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