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Originally Posted by jeepbrattt View Post
That was gone when I got it long as IVE owned it there has been no added issues. A simple fix with a wire in the steering column from what i've read.

The door ajar thing has happened, however when I hear a vehicle has big "electrical" issues my mind goes to more important things than a "door ajar" light and for a 12 year old vehicle i'm ok with that once in a great while mishap. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy it again......but as for the V10......fawk no. 7.3 only
Please show me where I said "big" Electrical issues....I said "Electrical pain in the ass" and when you find that your GEM module has gone bad (Very common in more than one Ford Vehicle of that era) I think Electrical pain in the ass will be an understatement.

A simple fix? Just like the simple $400 gas pedal I had to buy (it really sucks when you have to idle home), throttle positioning sensor, and the $50 wheel speed sensor in the diff, and the however much expensive ABS sensor's that went bad in the front axle, and the $500+ GEM module that isn't available any longer, and the $50-100 per door for power lock actuators.

As i've done more reading and research the getting suck in 4 low, the ruining of multiple brand new batteries (those are cheap), the inability to shift correctly, broken fuel gauge, and who knows what else stems back to the GEM module, the module that controls the entire truck that isn't available any longer.

THAT seems like a pretty big electrical issues to me.

I'd buy a v-10 just as often as the 7.3, $ for $ it doesn't cost any more to maintain and or repair, in fact i bet over the long haul it is cheaper.

But after buying into the hype of how awesome the 7.3 is and how it will run for a million miles and how great the fuel economy will be towing and empty and all that jazz, i'd just stick for the simplicity and cost effectiveness of a gas motor. And, I'd make sure the problem wasn't circled on the grill.

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