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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
Really? I recall you having problems with your OD switch.

Other common problems include the gas pedal assembly going out.
Speed sensors.
Gem Modules.
Stuck on Dome lights.
Door sensors getting stuck so the truck thinks the door is open.
Truck won't shift out of 4x4 Lo-Range
ABS sensors.
Mysterious beeping from under the dash (seems related to speed sensors and GEM modules)
That was gone when I got it long as IVE owned it there has been no added issues. A simple fix with a wire in the steering column from what i've read.

The door ajar thing has happened, however when I hear a vehicle has big "electrical" issues my mind goes to more important things than a "door ajar" light and for a 12 year old vehicle i'm ok with that once in a great while mishap. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy it again......but as for the V10......fawk no. 7.3 only

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