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[quote=montecarlo33;3340239][QUOTE=cameron69;3340196]blind dogs actually can do very well on their own, even better with help from their humans. she does really awesome, better than I was ever expecting when we realized she would be blind some day. when she lost her first eye the eye doctor told us we would have between 3-31 months before the other eye would go, she made it 33 months.

Its an amazing thing isnt it? My grandpas 14 year old dashound has been diabetic for going on 3 yrs now. I give her incluin twice a day in the back of the neck along with feeding her special food. About a year into it her vision started to go, and now she it totally blind and eyes are a glazed over cloud, kinda freaky looking at her, always thought it would be funny to get her a set of goggles like motorcycle dogs have. She can sense when I walk in the door because she only seems to bark at me which my grandpa finds funny but I find it amazing because Ive tested this over and over and no barking with my gf or her kids running around. But like your dog, she has the whole house mapped out and as long as we dont go moving stuff around and pick up after oursevles like we should then she is fine, every once in awhile she will take a wrong turn but once I straighten her out she is good again. I do it for my grandpa because he loves this dog and her Q.O.L is also good but she has lived way longer than I thought she would with incilin. Sorry to hear your dog got hurt, but when we leave(my grandpa rarely leaves the house by his own choice so someone is always there with her) we do put her in a kenel and she knows whats up and lays down in her bed. Like a safe zone because we feared she would get hurt looking for grandpa. I hope your dog has a good and speedy recovery!
1/3 tsp Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar in 4oz of distilled water. You can use as an eyewash or as drops. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day. Keep eye lids closed for 2 minutes after applying liquid. Sometimes slight smarting occurs.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar daily
2oz of vinegar to 8oz of water.
Be sure that it is natural apple cider vinegar

Bragg book on Apple Cider Vinegar
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