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Originally Posted by CheapThrillB2 View Post
Is that expensive to have done in a shop, no. Compared to a do it your self at home mechanic getting deals on parts and not paying labor or shop mark up on parts, yes it is expensive.

Most used 4.0Ls that a shop is gonna buy is coming from a salvage yard that most likely will give from a 30 day-1 yr warranty. Not find a deal on CL or a forum and buying out of somebodies pole barn. These motors are typically $1000 w/around 120k (just searched in my area to get average price). Add mark up so the shop can make a buck which is typically x1.5. Then add in labor at $60-80 hr x what looks to be 8-9hrs as well as cost of misc such as plugs, fluids, etc etc...

$2300 is not a "bad" price to have a motor replaced by a shop. Esc. if they aren't adding in their time already spent on it.
Thank you! I did look at Car-parts too and saw the same thing. Supposedly this engine is "documented" as being 60k miles and will have a 12/12000 warranty. Its out of a 99, so I just need to be sure it comes with an exhaust manifold, or get one off a 99' from
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