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Originally Posted by bbaXJ View Post
I'm a recovering asshole. In college I hung out with the offroad club a lot and had to develop pretty thick skin. Lots of insults both joking and serious being thrown around, I learned to take it as well as dish it out. Once I graduated and moved away I realized that I had become an asshole. Sometimes it was justified and helpful when others wouldn't stand up for themselves and I felt a need to, sometimes I was just a dick when I shouldn't have been. I'm still sarcastic and joke around a lot with friends or on here, but overall I've come quite a ways back into the person I want to least usually. Sometimes it works out well to be able to step up and rip somebody a new one at the flick of a switch, but I prefer to be the nice guy when possible. Except when bigbchevy is around, that guy is a whole bag of dicks.

I wouldn't say I have terrible road rage, but I fukking HATE stupid drivers. I try not to be an asshole about it, but I am an aggressive driver. I swear to myself at people driving like morons, but don't yell at them or try to run them off the road or anything....even though often times I'd like to.
( you are calling CC a liar?? Not a nice way to treat your bitch.
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