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Originally Posted by schweeb View Post
I would argue against your statement. I saw the same ignorant statement on MGO. These types of posts are helpful for those of us who don't have all the time/energy in the world to run all over town trying to get the ammo we need.

Hoarders just go to as many stores as possible and buy ANYTHING. While this may help a few hoarders, it helps at least as many people who legitimately need ammo. It's also helpful to get a feel for the flow of ammo - which seems to be increasing in the last week...

However, this ammo is nowhere close to me, so it didn't help one bit.

TL;DR: Hoarders would hoard anyway. This helps as many legit ammo seekers as it does hoarders. Shut your whore mouth.
Now im gonna have to disagree with your statements. Yes these types of posts are helpful to the people who want to purchase ammo. The part of your statement i disagree with is about the hoarders. Hoarders existed before the shootings. Supply was high and demand seemed low, now the supply is low and demand is high. Why? seems to me that people are hoarding becuase of a scare.

I shoot .22 LR and 12 gauge. i can only go out skeet shooting now. cant find any .22 ammo that someone doenst want an outragious amount for a 525ct box of hollow points, and im not going to waste my life searching and searching for something like ammo.
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