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Originally Posted by Verbalkint99 View Post
Seeing as how this is only the second or third time I have had a car into a shop, I lack experience with them. I do think, however, I know when I am being ripped off. Here is the situation.....

2000 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 auto, 130,xxx miles

Car developed an extremely rough idle and power loss, throws a #5 miss fire code. Seeing as how I am working full time and attending class full time I dont have time to fix it myself, though at this point I probably could have twice over.

Saturday: Call the shop to see when they can get it in, I am told first thing Monday
Monday: Drop it off when they open, told to give them half the day
Tuesday: I call them midday, "we have not looked at it yet"
Wed: I call again, "failed compression test and they need to take off the valve cover to find out more" They will call by end of day
Thurs: I have to call them again...."collapsed lifter, you need a new RA and push rod" said they would inject the lifter to save it...what ever...they say the head is in good shape
Friday:couldnt "save" the lifter, need to pull the head to replace it
Monday: "machine shop" they sent the head to for resurfacing says head is cracked, 500-700 for them to find a replacement
Tuesday: no update, other than they have an engine with 90k miles they can put in instead
Today: my three options are have it towed far far away from them and pay $500 for diagnostics and tear down, pay "at least" $2300 for this new engine, or pay $600 in labor plus however much a new head with be "if/when" they "find one" because "they are getting really rare and hard to find"

What would you do?

Sorry for the long post...a little pissed at the moment.
Did you sign any paperwork and if you did what exactly did you sign? State law requires anything over $20 to be written down in a estimate form and signed by you.
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