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Originally Posted by barry1me View Post
Im looking for some fertilizer advice for my yard. I have about 1.5 acres that need done. I priced it out at HD and scotts would cost me $150 to do myself. I called Trugreen and they said they will do it for $98!? Is the HD stuff that much better?
I worked for several different branches of trugreen... that could be a thread in itself, but as far as the product is concerned, i would say they are relatively equal. Trugreen buys in HUGE quantities and many of the applications are liquid, which is cheaper. Box stores charge a premium on the stuff because...well, people pay it. Check out a local mill, or find a Lesco dealer (sometimes places that sell mowers or landscape stuff, etc) nearby and you'll save quite a bit per bag...even on pre emmergent. Trugreen is going to sign you up on a monthly plan, so you're looking at $98 per month, and it will be a constant battle if you only want that one application. If you really want a nice lawn it will take multiple applications though, usually 2 herbicide apps for weed/crabgrass control, etc.
This is what I will say about Trugreen, be mindful of the applications. The product is good, and it can work if you get a good tech... but if you get the wrong one you're wasting your money. I would schedule the application on a saturday or sometime when you are home so you can watch them do it (a hand granular application on 1.5 acres he should be refilling that spreader AT LEAST once). I might even request a "buggy" application (motorized spreader) on a larger lawn like yours because they tend to do better job. It's been a few years but when I worked there it was all commision work, so the more lawns you do in a day, the more you get paid... so you can imagine the corners that got cut. But I believe the business model has changed to straight pay now so hopefully it's better. Also, check out some "mom and pop" local lawncare guys...might be similar price and more personal service.

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