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Default Go Wings!

I wanted to write something about Babcock's hair on the facebook, so I wrote this...

A bit on the fence about the wings going to the east next year. Yes, its a good thing and needed to be done for years, but I cant help but feel I am loosing a part of my sports identity. You see, for as long as I can remember, I've worn this badge of honor. I would display it proudly when I would drag myself to work or school, half a sleep still, and answer the question "Wow were you up late last night or something?" My simple, proud reply would always be "Of course, I'm not missing wings playoff hockey."

Tonight, I realize that this will no longer be part of my hockey fandom identity after this year. Something I have loathed, yet silently loved for 20 years will come to an end, my badge of honor gone, only to become a memory of years gone by.

As we begin the 22nd straight year of playoffs in Hockeytown, I can only say that I will look back on those late nights, great wins, and tough losses more fondly than this author can describe with words. Here ends a chapter for one of the most historically significant clubs in the NHL. Here ends an era for generations of dedicated fans who sacrifice sleep and sanity, and in most cases their face in form of unwieldily, poorly managed beards. So wear that badge of dedication proudly tomorrow morning at the office or at school. No matter the conference, we will always be wings fans. This is Hockeytown, this is worth celebrating, and this is time to cheer. Cheer for Hank, and Pavel. Cheer for the 3 rookies playing on the PK, and cheer for Mike Babcock's scowl, but more so for his awesome hair. Cheer for your wings, and do it all damn night long. This, is Hockeytown.
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