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Originally Posted by High Center Hancho View Post
Everything you have listed is crap, or going to be crap. You can't fix Detroit with a fresh coat of paint. It's residents have proven time in and time out they do not want the city to be fixed. No amount of money you throw at that hole is going to fix it either. It's sad that people think there is good left in the city. It sad because they haven't ventured out to see what real city's look like. Detroit is a perfect example of why throwing good money after bad is never a good idea.
Since the 60's Detroit has been the recipient of billions of dollars in federal and state aid. Guess what it is still in the shitter. The only thing that money did was creat a bunch of government defendant democratic voters. So unless you like looking at blight, then avoid Detroit, avoid it at all costs.
Last time I checked everything I listed is perfectly fine... You have no clue... I agree we can't fix Detroit with a fresh coat of paint... But it is still fixable... There is still a lot of good in this city you have no clue about and are proving to be one of those "Fuck Detroit and burn it to the ground" idiots out there... Go a head burn down the city... See what happens... Water... Electricity... Goods... Export... Import.... All go right the fukc out the window and you just shot yourself in the foot and lost billions in sales and millions in tax revenue... Real smart...

You say all they did was create a democractic voting group... But why is it that a Democractic Mayor has been trying for years to clean up 40+ years of mess and do the none Democractic way?
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