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Originally Posted by ReiKo View Post
We can start with the DIA... The Boston Edison District... Cork Town... Nemo's... WSU... The Fox Theatre... The Masonic Temple... The Riverfront... I can go on for days... Just because YOU don't think they deserve it or don't deserve everything doesn't mean shit... A lot of people fail to realize that if Detroit goes down... The tri-county and 7+ million people are going to be affected real bad... Look Detroit isn't the perfect place but this city has a lot to offer and a lot to fix.... I'm glad the EFM is going through everything and going to clean house... Then it will turn around... Maybe not your life time... Maybe in the end of mine... But I can say that my kids will get to see the Detroit that was once was in before the 60's...

Everything you have listed is crap, or going to be crap. You can't fix Detroit with a fresh coat of paint. It's residents have proven time in and time out they do not want the city to be fixed. No amount of money you throw at that hole is going to fix it either. It's sad that people think there is good left in the city. It sad because they haven't ventured out to see what real city's look like. Detroit is a perfect example of why throwing good money after bad is never a good idea.
Since the 60's Detroit has been the recipient of billions of dollars in federal and state aid. Guess what it is still in the shitter. The only thing that money did was creat a bunch of government defendant democratic voters. So unless you like looking at blight, then avoid Detroit, avoid it at all costs.
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