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Originally Posted by homerdogeo8 View Post
I realize that darling, I'm just trying to find out where to start on ab exercises in a limited space, no need to get all huffy about it.
doing ab exercises will not burn the fat off your mid section.

This is the part i was referring to when I said you don't just pick a spot and start taking the fat off it.

Instead of telling you that you can work your abs with supermans, planks, plank push ups, burpees, sit ups, toes to bars, leg lifts, sit ups, box jumps, floor wipers, turkish get ups, running, wall balls, slam balls, and eating your neighbors balls, all with relatively little equipment and no more space than is necessary to do a push up....I''l just repeat my original point.

It's obvious you don't even really want the help, so why waste time explaining to you that you can not burn fat from a certain part of your body, why explain to you that your body burns fat starting at the fingers and toes and slowly working its way to the middle of your body, why waste the time explaining that you need to work all muscle groups equally to build muscle and burn fat, why try explaining to you that your diet probably sucks complete ass, why try explaining to you that you need to do cardio and weight training and watch what you eat and blah blah blah......
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