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Originally Posted by homerdogeo8 View Post
ummmm, I,m doing other exercising too and not just concentrating on one part of my body. I walk a couple miles a day, do some exercises with weighs and eat pretty healthy. I'm just looking for a way to get rid of my beer belly faster than it's currently going away. I've already taken off 20 lbs and would like to get rid of another 20 to get down to around 180. But if you'd rather complain about something you know absolutely nothing about instead of offering an exercise that may help feel free to do so.
There's no magical exercise cupcake. There are probably a ton of things you could do to drop those last 20 lbs faster, walking a couple miles a day and doing some exercizes with weights and eating pretty healthy aint gonna cut it.

Eat healthier. Run a couple miles, lift heavier weights.....
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