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As a Democrat I have to say that the world is not ready for a Woman or Black President. Blacks and Women dont get pissed off. I am neither a sexist or a racist.

Clinton will not get in because there will be a lot of older Democrat men that will refuse to vote in a women for President. (I personally think she would be a great president this is who I would pick as of right now) Her only hope is to get some votes from Republican women. (this may happen and prove me wrong)

Obama will not get in because obviously he is black. He will get less votes from white older men and even a lot of younger white men. There are not a lot of votes to gain because most blacks are already voting Democrat.

I am not Racist so dont even start that one. I am just stating what everyone else is already thinking but wont say it.

I think if the election were today. McCain would win. If a Republican has to win I would rather it be him. It would be nice to have a Republican President with some personality and speaking ability.(if it has to be a republican)

For all of the reasons above cuntilingus rice does not have a chance. Unless it were Hillary Vs. Cuntilingus Rice.
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