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Originally Posted by Haggar View Post
In general, yeah, but I need to learn a bit more now that its actually mine, not one of my dad's (He has a B and an L hydro, which usually I have one at my place). I used to operate a lot of equipment when I was landscaping, but thats getting on close to 20 years ago.
The trans is very important. Use Juanita super UDT 2 in it. Not because I am a fan boy but because it is a very light oil. Lighter than normal hyd fluid. In the cold we have saw major problems if a thicker fluid is used. The front likes the same stuff and doesn't hold much. There is a pivot bolt in the front axle with some bushing watch a replace the bushings or you will be buying very expensive cast pices. The front is a bevel gear from axel. With a loader it will use bearings from time to time nothing major. It has what the call a pivot seal where the outter drive meets the front axel. Don't power wash that area forcing dirt into that seal is what cause them to fail. If you see leaking fluid up front ill bet money that's the culprit. Use a diesel grade eng oil. It's a no brainier. Kubota brand eng oil is made by valvoline. As I have said about your current problem it's common to get water in the fuel. Keep a few fuel filters on hand. That's the basic stuff. If you have any questions pm me here and I will try to help or get you a number of someone who can. The R4 tires on that unit are awesome you will love them. Are the rears loaded?

When I started working at the dealer I didn't have the best opinion of these tractors. It was based on lack of knowledge. Now I don't even work of them and still think they are one of the best if not the best compact and mid size loader tractors.
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