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Originally Posted by montecarlo33 View Post
I just always go to the local muffler shop and tell them what im looking for and they do a great job at making that happen most times. If you want quiet then the offbrand OEM mufflers are a great replacement. I put a magnaflow on my grandpas truck and it idles very quiet, and has a nice tone when you get on it, he loved it so that also may be something to consider.
The reason I ask this question I live in a small town with one real muffler shop and I've been taking my shit there forever. I had a nice walker put on 6-7 years ago came with lifetime replacement warranty. I was happy with it but it wasn't total quiet. It needed replacing last year so I go in and I assume it should be free and I pay for labour. I mention this before he starts and when I'm done he gives me a bill for $300 saying that he decided to bump it up to a 3" muffler from a 2.5 or 2.75 not sure what, so my warranty doesn't cover it. The usually wtf and so forth goes on and eventually I pay for just labour. I pull out of the garage and start driving and realize that my truck now sounds like a damn monster truck. I crawl under and see that I now have a no name garbage muffler that he probably paid $5 for. I go back and tell him and make sure he knows that I want a QUIET muffler and a walker and he puts on something else. I leave again in my truck with some walker sound fx thing that is just as bad as before and now has a good leak somewhere. So after this I decided that I need to do all my own exhaust work and am now looking for advice. My biggest question is can I achieve quiet with 3" or should I drop it back down.
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