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Originally Posted by bdd1469 View Post
Ha, I guess the fact that we were useing the same quality parts in the 406 doesnt matter then, you must be right even though the dyno said you are wrong.
If the heads didnt flow enough for the 406 how could they make over 100 more hp on the 377? They were the best heads you could buy, back then. They were about the only 18 you could buy. Obviously things are different now.

We are not talking about bigblocks we are talking about 377vs 400, thats another discussion.

Like I said untill you build a 377 you will asume the 406 is better, just like we did years ago. Its all good.
If you like wasting the best part of a smallblock (rpms) go ahead but I feel like
small blocks are meant to rev. If you want to shift at 6000 you might as well have a bigblock . I like to shift at 8.000+ it's just more fun.
If you can't see there was an obvious assembly or component defect with the 406, you're in denial. You either added something to the 377 you didn't have with the 406 or inadvertently corrected an issue.

Examples might be: freshened the heads, upgraded the valve springs, added a vacuum pump, paid more attention to windage and oil control, used better pistons, upgraded the distributor, put the rings right side up, corrected a vacuum leak or something, etc.

I like big blocks too. Mostly, I like torque and quick for cheap. A stock crank 406 with a hydraulic cam fits that bill. All the components max out at the same time, about 6500 rpm.
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