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Originally Posted by wilesin View Post
LOL not the fault of the operator? So its the gun's fault? So do you believe that people don't shoot others, its the gun's fault. Accidental, meaning it wasn't intended to happen, but the operator fucked up and it did. Please unload your weapons and lock them up. I don't want them going off accidentally.
A good example would be Winchester 97's. they slam fire all the time. To me that is a perfect example of an AD or if you rather an unintentional discharge. My story that happened to me was 100% my fault. However I did not mean it to happen the hammer slipped. Because I was handling the firearm in a safe manner nobody was harmed.

Accident: An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.

I guess we should call Webster. It seems the true definition is an intentional incident purposely caused by an individual.

Negligence aside if its was not intentional it was an accident by definition. The guy in the story I assume had not intentions of shooting his desk. Much like people in an automobile accident rarely intend to crash. Even thought often it is operator error it would be an accident right?
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