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Originally Posted by sumpter1 View Post
I work at a credit union and Tuesday morning we heard a very load bang. Myself and others thought it was a gun shot but others didn't think so. I was considering an escape route if needed. I also wished I was armed. I work on the 2nd floor and was able to see down into the atrium; our security guards and a few other employee's were standing around talking. Within a couple of minutes several police car's arrived. We started hearing rumors what the noise was but nothing from management. I went down to the security desk after things calmed down and asked the guard what all the commotion was. It turns out his partner was loading his gun and accidentally fired a round into the desk. I don't think we will be seeing that guard anymore. It's too bad because he was a really nice young man but he screwed up big time.
Why would you wish to be armed and planning your escape? if someone was going to rob the bank just let them. "your" money is insured and protected. With modern cameras that are in a bank there is a 95% chance of them getting caught so let the professionals handle things Charlie Bronson before you get your own death wish.
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