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Originally Posted by dragginwagon406 View Post
The argument is invalid. If someone had a Cola crank and Oliver rods in a properly built 406, they wouldn't have built the 377 to begin with (unless they didn't have enough head). A friend runs the same parts as you describe in the bottom end of his 406 and he starts off at 6500 on the brake and shifts at 8000. That's before the spray.

How important is spin up again? The engine only has to spin up another couple thousand rpm after launch? I'm sure it can get that done in a few seconds, maybe even a couple or more times during the quarter mile...

And you say, your built 406 with these expensive parts couldn't get within 2000 rpm of your 8500 rpm, 377? Really? My hyper-eutectic piston, hydraulic-cam 406 has no trouble hitting 6500 rpm and yours can barely hit 6500 rpm with the best parts money can buy? I smell something and it's not race fuel.

And, I've yet to see an engine that wouldn't rpm real quick with a healthy shot of N20.

Using your rationale of 377 is better than 406, we'd still be building "301"s (you know, that engine gear heads built before GM released the 302) because that "long" 3.48 stroke in the 350s revved up too slow. Don't forget, the big block guys better hurry up and swap their 454s back to 427s.

Displacement rules, if you have the proper parts to support it.
Ha, I guess the fact that we were useing the same quality parts in the 406 doesnt matter then, you must be right even though the dyno said you are wrong.
If the heads didnt flow enough for the 406 how could they make over 100 more hp on the 377? They were the best heads you could buy, back then. They were about the only 18 you could buy. Obviously things are different now.

We are not talking about bigblocks we are talking about 377vs 400, thats another discussion.

Like I said untill you build a 377 you will asume the 406 is better, just like we did years ago. Its all good.
If you like wasting the best part of a smallblock (rpms) go ahead but I feel like
small blocks are meant to rev. If you want to shift at 6000 you might as well have a bigblock . I like to shift at 8.000+ it's just more fun.
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