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I agree that theories don't win races. I also think we aren't derailing this thread too bad, and as long as it's kept civil, the OP may decide he wants to go another route.
With that said, I'd rather put more stroke in a motor.
My 430'ish SBC with some really old Brodix 23* heads made 629HP on pump gas, and I believe that was at the 6,200-6,300 mark. Not the highest HP maker, but it's a nitrous motor. I just tore that down this year. Been running it for 4 years now, and let's just say it gets sprayed hard enough.
Dad runs a 430'ish SBC in his Jeep as well, but he ran some old GM 363 18* heads. His motor made 780 on just motor and made peak power at 6,800 (IIRC).
He's now running some CFE 15* heads on the same 430'ish ci motor, and it makes more power now (not gonna say how much though).
I honestly don't know of anybody running a 377 though. In the 20'ish years I've been going to the dragstrip (asphalt and sand), I could count on 1 hand the number of them I've ever even heard anybody running.
I personally prefer larger ci, but that seems to suit my needs better.
My Jeep previously had a pump gas 383. Usually saw 7,500-8,000RPM at the track. According to the RWHP numbers it made when it was in the car, it should have been making 520-550 FWHP.
At the track, I ran one tenth QUICKER with the 430'ish setup on just motor, than I was with the 383 and a small 150 shot.

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