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Default Help with 81'ish Mariner 30E, running rough/stalling no power.

I bought a Mariner 30hp for the 15'7" Smokercraft I bought this winter. Having problems with gettimg it to run properly. Ran alright when checking it out but after getting it in the water it doesn't have any power, won't run full rpms and wants to sputter and cut out. Plugs are black and are coming out wet.

Has good compression, 130psi. Cleaned carb, but am having problems with making sure its tuned correctly, as I'm not familiar with them.

So far, we have checked the fuel pump and it had one of the metal leaves or whatever bent out, so fixed that. No leaks. The reeds are in very good shape, look freshly replaced. Has spark, but hard to say if its weak or not. Float is not taking on fuel/is air tight.

I could used some help with the carb though. Not sure how the float should be adjusted. Usually level when resting right? Well when I did that it wouldn't start at all without starting fluid. Adjusting it so it would be resting below level, it is getting fuel again and starting but running like poop. Acting the same and plugs are still coming out wet\black. I plan on replacing the needle/seat, but I have a feeling that's not the only issue here. I did read someone had a problem with a blockage in the exhaust port. So I plan oon checking that out as well.

Just looking for more info or any suggestions as to what else could be the problem here.

I'm getting depressed, bass season starts on Saturday and my boat isn't going to be ready
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