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Originally Posted by Brods View Post
Perfect example of yet another thing wrong with America today...and it is not the voters in this case. The tone of your post and that article make it sound like voters specifically said no to increased school security. The media making more out of something than it is and you bought into it hook line and sinker. In fact the voters simply said no to an inflated budget, which happened to include increased school security as a small part. Can't and shouldn't fault them for that.

Should they have approved the budget just to get the increased security even if the rest of the budget could not be justified?? And even with no proof the unarmed guards would be any more effective then the unarmed principal was? Shouldn't all government (local, state and fed) be looking to cut budgets to keep in line with reduced revenues? Shouldn't you have all the facts before second guessing how the taxpayers decided their money should be spent in their community??

We are so knee jerk in this country. We have to do something, anything, no matter how ineffectual or futile it may be. Once we do something we can pretend we've solved the problem and get back to pissing and moaning to our elected officials about having to remove our drawbars or other such critically important day to day inconveniences.

Seriously?? Here it is for Selectwoman Patricia Llodra: You politicians are spending too much of our money!
At least they got to vote on it. The federal government has been operating exactly how you described for decades.

Why should a city government be any different?

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