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Originally Posted by kerryann View Post
Some of the protein intake I am seeing here is a little scary. Consuming that much protein for long periods of time can put a strain on your liver. I was doing a high protein diet and my liver and kidney counts went through the roof. Now admittedly my kidney and liver were both a little damaged from the pills I took for my heart problem but nothing else has caused that kind of spike.
I have a lot of healthy recipes but they are all vegetarian.
I personally do count calories because it's the easiest thing for me with the app I have on my phone. I eat a lot of vegetables and I bulk almost everything I cook with veggies because they are high nutrition and low calorie. Also Mike and I almost never get sick. i never had a cold even once this winter and I think it's due to the vegetables since I don't take any crazy supplements or nutrition boosting shakes.
How much protein are you aiming for?

According most protein articles I've read you should be shooting for at least .75-1 gram per pound, more if you are excersizing regularly.
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