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ya know... i saw this thread before anyone had posted. but now i feel like saying something.

Originally Posted by Zach4739 View Post
its a cheap stick welder that i taught myself on... i dont really care how it looks it holds. thanks for the tips though ill work on it. just learning didnt think id get bashed from dickheads that weld better than me... then again sure is a lot of that on this site

one person made a smart comment (albeit, true), and another gave you honest quality input. OBVIOUSLY "teaching yourself" isnt working out. just because its stuck together doesnt mean itll hold. and youve welded what... 3/16" or 1/4" to a stock diff cover? its only as strong as what its welded to, and even if it doesnt rip right off, your going to bend the piss out of the mating surface on the stock cover, if you didnt already warp it with heat. good luck keeping fluid in the diff.

Originally Posted by Zach4739 View Post
its no biggie i see the same unhappy fuckers tearin people apart on this site all the time. they think they are better than everyone else so they talk the talk on a computer. i just make stuff for my jeep for fun now i know not to put it on this site unless im a pro with a million dollar welder.
again, seriously?

2 people said something, and your butt hurt.

PS, your welds look like shit.
i would love to see you post this and bring the attitude over to pirate.
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