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Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
These guys have a point. Some of the hate comes from jealousy. We would all love to live cheap and buy a bunch of crap, but we can't. With that being said I feel you should stand on your own two feet and get out on your own instead of "investing" in a bunch of crap. I'm not saying this to be a dick but I generally look down on people who have the means to get out of their parents house but don't. Man up and join the rest of us that live a responsible life yet still scrape a little extra cash together for toys.

Side note: Owning your own home is a pussy magnet, true story. Women tend to gravitate to guys who have their own place, part of the "provider" thing they seem to be looking for. When I was single and owned my own home, I had no problem gettin' with the ladies when they found out I had my own place. Just sayin'.
There is no hate, and none of it is jealousy. We all know Andy personally, we all invite andy over when we have a few beers, and we all know andy ran into scotts car and tried to hide it with a trash can.

We do not hate Andy, we are definitely not jealous of his disfunctional ways.

If everything Andy talked about doing was complete.

His F250 on 44" boggers with a cummins, his triple crew cab tow rig thing he was going to swap a cummins into so he could tow his 6 place 10th wheel trailer behind and haul along all his bitches, his badass red TJ with the 800 hp LS swap, his super cool white TJ with the coilovers and pvc links, his waste oil treatment biofuel refinery plant to power both his cummins powered tow rigs and his new biofuel amberlamps camper thing, The bread van idea, the self contained compound on 40 acres he is buying from the ceo of chrysler, etc.

If all of those badass things were complete, sure, we might be a bit jealous, but instead he has an f250 he never tows with and complains about the cost of fuel and how it never starts in the winter, a picture of a triple crew cab tow rig thing in one of his threads, a trailer , a pile of white tj parts, a pile of red tj left over parts that didn't go with the original sale that he lost money on, a 6 wheeled four wheeler atv thing that probably hasn't ran in 2 years, a bed in the corner of the basement, and now, an amberlamps.

The sad part is I am only SCRATCHING The surface of all the shit he has collected while mooching off his parents. He could have paid cash for a house by now, or bought one hell of a place with a huge down payment.
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