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Originally Posted by Skooter_Built View Post
Its ok Charlie; what works you'z guys is great, I'm different and I'm ok with that.

Moving on, I'm rethinking the electrical system. Originally I considered 2 different and isolated battery systems. 2 batteries for starting the engine and then 2 that only run the interior power needs. After checking out another guys bus build, I'm now thinking 3 batteries for the whole vehicle. That should be more then enough for all the electrical needs of the vehicle with the engine off. What I will need to figure out is a transfer switch for the shoreline hookup and the generator. I think tomorrow Ill look into the A/C system. I dont know if it was recharged when the engine was replaced.
These guys have a point. Some of the hate comes from jealousy. We would all love to live cheap and buy a bunch of crap, but we can't. With that being said I feel you should stand on your own two feet and get out on your own instead of "investing" in a bunch of crap. I'm not saying this to be a dick but I generally look down on people who have the means to get out of their parents house but don't. Man up and join the rest of us that live a responsible life yet still scrape a little extra cash together for toys.

Side note: Owning your own home is a pussy magnet, true story. Women tend to gravitate to guys who have their own place, part of the "provider" thing they seem to be looking for. When I was single and owned my own home, I had no problem gettin' with the ladies when they found out I had my own place. Just sayin'.
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