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Originally Posted by Skooter_Built View Post
Wow! lots of hatred there Jeff, when you lost weight did your genitals shrink at the same time? That's the only excuse for so much built up venom & anger.

I was going to write a diatribe disproving all that you had wrote above but arguing online won't accomplish anything as it wont change your uninformed assumptions. If you have questions feel free to ask me and Ill gladly write you a novel about my life but here isnt the place and its unwise to just assume. I'm pretty sure that you or anyone else here is not God and therefore I have to make no justifications for my actions to you.

Your biggest assumptions that I live at home by choice and I foolishly waste money are so far from the truth that the toilets flush backwards. I may be stupid and a dumbass with some aspects in my personal life but when it comes to my career and personal finances I'm one of the sharpest around.

Getting back on track, after thinking over Green's and Rhino's comments regarding the grey tank setup I found an area where a small tank will fit, around 5 gallons. That should be perfect for a quick shower or to fill up the tub portion with water. Below the tank I will have a waste valve with a bayonette connection to empty itself.
Dude, you can deny your mild retardation all you want....but you have issues.
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