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WTF is wrong with your parents? Why would they not have kicked your sorry hoarding ass to the curb?

I have a friend similar to you. Has a good job (for longer than a couple months) and makes good money. Worked while putting himself through college. He finished his degree a couple of years ago. He still lives with his parents, and in the past two years has bought at least 10 guns, a $40,000 Camaro SS, and leased a new truck. This doesn't include all the other shit he blows money on, or the fact he owns a snowmobile, snowmobile trailer, and a motorcycle. He is almost 30 years old, and his parents obviously don't have the fucking balls to tell him to get the fukc out. His defense is that he pays them $500 a month for rent, groceries, etc. Bitch please.

WTF is wrong with parents these days? If you were my son (I just shuddered saying that), I would have kicked your ass out years ago. Your priorities are completely fucked up. With your situation living at your parents house (seriously, get out), you could be investing or banking money and be able to retire when you're 50. Instead you're a fucking idiot with your money and completely waste it on dumb shit. Not to mention, I'm willing to bet you still have at least $30,000 of student loans, or did your dumbass parents pay for that?
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