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My healthy meals vary - I hardly use recipes anymore but I have a good portion of fat, protein and plant based carbs at every meal. My fats include but are not limited to coconut oil, grass fed butter/ghee, animal fats from properly raised animals (i.e. rendered lard from local hog), whole nuts (most the time properly soaked and dried). My protiens are any local, pastured, or properly raised meats, lots of fish and seafoods, not just the lean cuts either, as well as vegetables high in protein (although properly raised animals are some of the very few sources of complete proteins). My carbs do NOT typically come from grains but from sweet potatoes, squashes and lots and lota of other high carb fruits and vegetables.

Our plates at dinner are 1/2 -3/4 filled with several veggies and then a smaller portion of a protein. We're pretty good at rotating fish/seafood in every couple meals I prepare (we eat a lot of leftovers to cut down on cook time). Once I get into soaking grains I will include some into our meals again - but if grains are not properly prepared I do not believe they have a positive effect on our bodies, digestive system and gut (which leads to all sorts of issues from joint pain to neurological).

Some of my typical snacks include home made nut and seed trail mix/granola (with no oats), smoked oysters, raw saurkraut and kimchi (also goes great with eggs), homemade bone broths that have so much gelatin in them it's just filing, hard boiled farm fresh eggs, homemade liver pate on celery or just a spoonful. And, my morning coffee is called "bulletproof" coffee with a bit of coconut oil, ghee, and a couple drops of vanilla stevia blended together - that helps hold me over.

I don't ALWAYS eat "perfect" by my ideal definition but when I do have a meal with grains (I still do love pasta or tortilla chips from time to time) it sometimes tastes good, but doesn't always feel good but...I don't mentally beat myself up over it.

We have maintained healthy weights (mine has not changed but didn't need to and Bills is a touch lower) and we both lowered body fat % for about a year eating like this, with out changing either of our work out routines really. Both of our cholesterol numbers are healthy - where as before they were a bit high when we were eating more vegetarian like with limited fats and lots of grains. But it's not all about the number on the scale, but our over all health. I have not been sick in a long time and overall have a lot of energy and all of my vitamin and mineral levels are in the normal ranges, and I don't take synthetic vitamins.

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