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Originally Posted by Immortal View Post
I am fortunate to like almost every vegetable I have ever eaten. This includes damn near everything out of the oceans and lakes.
So my healthy meals usually are light oils, low to no salt, high vegtable to meat dishes. My main problem is I can eat too much lol

Also I would like to say because of friends like Kerry I have ventured into trying vegetarian dishes and attempting to follow her lead in staying away from processed foods. It is very difficult with a wife and kids who fight and shut you down though
That is the benefit of only having dogs. Actually I eat a lot of veggies and I am never hungry. I am down 37lbs since Jan 5th and at my lowest weight in a very very long time.
Originally Posted by mtnbikinbryno View Post
A lot better. It's not shell color but free range vs. cage raised. Free range chickens eat a lot of bugs and other variety that makes their eggs a lot tastier. Just crack one next to a white store egg, the yolk on the store egg is super pale in comparison.

Not a full recipe, but we roast kale about once a week. It's really good. Remove the super thick, tough stems (i.e. those as thick as your pinky), cut into bite size pieces (they shrink a bit), drizzle with some olive oil and salt, and then roast in an oven at 400* for probably 8 minutes. Keep an eye on it - once it starts to brown up it's ready, and if you don't catch it browning and take it out it will burn pretty quickly. Kale is a super dense green and when cooked like this it gets crunchy with really good flavor. Great substitute for potato chips as a side to burgers. Probably take you a try or two to master it but it's cheap.
To truly be free range they are pastured eggs (not pasturized). We buy those and the thing is that they are all different sizes and they do taste better.
I love making kale chips too. I got that recipe from wakebabe. I also make zucchini chips using the same recipe.
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