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Originally Posted by High Center Hancho View Post
I'm okay with the bathroom/shower combo, however I fail to see how having a portable waste system is going to simplifiy the waste water system. A hard mounted tank is set it and forget it simple. You never have to worry about making sure its secured, hoses hooked up, ect.
Where it simplifies things is where I want the tub at there is no room for a waste tank unless I had a collector and a pump to move the waste water to another location. With a portable waste tank I can clean up inside if I wanted to and have that water go into the tank. Then I can get rid of that waste water at a proper location. I'd like to say f' it and let the wash water drain right out of the tub onto the ground but I think that is a no-no. There will be an outside shower as well. I want the side door to double as an enclosure.
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