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I'm bored and stuck at work watching progress bars on this beautiful Sunday morning, so here. Here are some of the guns I've owned over the years.

I collected pretty heavily for 10 years or so, but have more or less gotten out of the hobby in the last couple years. I only own a few more "practical" firearms these days. All machine guns are/were live, legally-registered and lawfully owned. I've posted a ton of pics, videos, and write-ups at my site:

MP43/1, rare early variant of the MP44/StG44 family (Full write-up)

MG34's, standard issue Wehrmacht MG during WWII

MG42, standard issue Wehrmacht MG during WWII


MP40, standard issue Wehrmacht SMG during WWII

Pre-war P.08 Luger

Gewehr41 and Gewehr41(M): The latter was a failed prototype and is extremely rare today, the former is winning prototype from the competition between the two rifles.

M1A1 Thompson

Shooting a PPSh-41:

My brother and I at the range with a G36k, MG34, MP43/1, and AKS-74U Krinkov:
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