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Now some chick is texting her mom saying she is being held at gunpoint.

They are on the way to that house.

They are still trying to get the explosive vest off the old man, they say he has a dead man switch in his hand.

They've basically cleared the first four buildings they thought homeboy was hiding in.

quick summary from reddit:

EDIT 185 12:57: Situation from EDIT 177 is clear.

EDIT 184 12:56: Officer approached by someone "saying they were getting texts from her mother saying she was being held by a man with a gun."

EDIT 183 12:55: "Everyone take cover. No more units."

EDIT 182 12:55: "A person is being held there by gunpoint."

EDIT 181 12:54: A man is trying to get through security but has no credentials.

EDIT 180 12:53: "Woman is texting her mother than she is being held by a man with a gun"

EDIT 179 12:53: Again, I don't know what the specifics of 173 are. I'm not holding out. They just started talking and then said 'we don't want this on the air' and then didn't talk about any specifics.

EDIT 178 12:51: Reports are coming in that the White House situation room has been activated. I'm looking up more now on that.

EDIT 177 12:47: They are following up on another lead similar to the open basement. Stuff has been moved since they last investigated the area. (Look, do I think white hat is reading this instead of just listening to the scanner? No, but i can be a little more vague when the detail doesn't matter.)

EDIT 176 12:42: About EDIT 173, I don't really know what it is. They aren't saying many details, they are checking on a vehicle, but other than that the only details are unit number and specific locations. Which is exactly what they asked not be posted. If something happens I'll post the aftermath. And this is the first time they specifically said on the scanner not to mention something on the air.

EDIT 175 12:40: They are checking on something but not being very descriptive.

EDIT 174 12:38: There will be a controlled explosion in Cambridge later in the day as a precaution.

EDIT 173 12:35: They just said something that they don't want on air. Don't write a comment about it.

EDIT 172 12:34: I'm still listening to the scanner and not the press conference so if anything new comes out in the conference please let me know.

EDIT 171 12:33: EOD team being sent to another location.
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