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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
You don't think the terrorists voting are voting for the terrorist? chicken, egg, terrorist, terrorist.

On that note, when are the bleeding heart liberals who want fairness and equality, and feelings, and trophies, and fair trials, etc. going to finally get sick of all of this bullshit and realize it is time to start world war III against the countries that harbor these radical groups and blow them all the fukc off the map?

We did it right with Japan in repsonse to pearl harbor, we nuked their asses and it certainly got the point across.....

We have the weaponry, the technology, and the ability, to just go and destroy every single last one of these guys in a carpet bombing. WHY WHY WHY do we try to go in there all nice like and only kill "targets"?


These societies hate us. I am and always have been in favor of an eye for an eye, and if you poke out my eye, I am going to poke out both of yours.......

Well here we are, how many terrorist attacks on our country, our embassies, our soldiers, our citizens who are traveling, etc. and what do we do? we send in some seal teams to take out their leader and spend 10-15 years doing it.

Fuck that, carpet bomb, end of society, end of radical islamic behavior, end of terrorist troubles. Send a message to that little punk in North Korea while your at it, accidentally drop a bomb or 5 million on his little playground.

You forget to have your coffee this morning?

We all wish it were that easy but you cannot kill everyone because of a few or alot of bad people. There will always be enemies, we just have to fight them one at a time.

We have rights as Americans and others have rights as humans.
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