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Originally Posted by bbaXJ View Post
I'll try and be nice unlike everybody else. It's a very cool idea and I hope you manage to pull it off. I think you're being VERY optimistic about how much you're gonna be able to fit back there, but whatever. Cross that bridge when you come to it. Good luck.

Planning new projects for once you have a house is laughable to me now. I've had a house for over a year and haven't touched the Jeep. It wasn't a fixer upper by any means, didn't need much personalizing, and overall has been about as easy as it gets. Still, no time for the Jeep. I'm finally getting to the point where I can start on it again, but I've also been saying that for 6 months. Good luck.
Now you need to throw a kid or two in to the mix lol
( you are calling CC a liar?? Not a nice way to treat your bitch.
tube bending and gear installs pm me for info! gears installed for $150 and up per axle.
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