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Originally Posted by Mr.Green again;337wirg
This seems to be your main priority right now.

So how much did you pay for it?

Next to nothing. I won't say cause its no ones business till choose to inform.

What is your budget? (this ought to be good)

3-5k for the interior, 3-7k for 4x4 conversion.

Why are you spending any $ on this now?

I Have only bought 1 item to return the vehicle as it would have been. If batteries are required that is an essential item to preserve vehicle systems, not a luxury.

How much do you have for your down payment on your house?

$xxxxx, fill in those x's with numbers 1-9

Where is this house that you are buying?

If you recall before I was laid off, I was days away from actually closing on a house. I Have been looking while jobless and since I will be working again very soon I can really start house hunting again. Can't get a mortgage with verified income.

Will you ever learn?
What haven't I learned, the truck is in the same condition that it was bought in, minus a few stickers. No harm no foul done.
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