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Originally Posted by jeepinRRT View Post
Yes but not over any real distances, just a spin around a parking lot.

Not saying that its pointless but from a utility standpoint there isn't much a fat bike can do that your MTB can't. Sand and soft snow is about it.

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From a utility standpoint what can your Tri Bike do that your road bike can't? What can your cx bike do that your tri bike can't? What can your hardtail 26" bike do that your rigid 29'er cant? or that your full suspension 650b bike can't do? of that your etc etc etc bike can't do?

Fat bikes are simply another novel option given to you by the bike industry so they can sell more bikes.

But a lot of people enjoy them. They're superior in sand and snow, they can handle hardpack and gravel roads nearly as well as most normal mountain bikes can. They don't need suspension components which can wear and cost money and require more maintenance because the big squishy soft tires make for a comfy ride all on their own....I won't be plunking down big cash to own one any time soon, but they are a hoot to ride and they have their place.

To each their own, they're here to stay thats for sure.

Go out on an actual ride with one, then you can call it a gimmick and a waste.
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