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Originally Posted by SS View Post
Please tell me you're joking.
Im not, the ambulance company said they took this unit out of service around the first of this year, must have forgot to remove the trash can full of used med stuff, I ran across a used IV needle bleach kills all!

Originally Posted by capone View Post

Curious how much does this truck weigh?
Here's a pic of the cert. info with weight's. Whats interesting are the dates on things.

Originally Posted by Mr.Green again View Post
Please show ONE example of this. Andy you have a problem, a serious problem. We will see you on Horders in a couple of years and crying to Dr.Drew a few years later.

BTW, owning a house will fix your problems as much as marrying your girl friend will solve your relationship issues. I dont expect you to understand.......
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Went through the truck more today seeing how everything is constructed and what will be changed. It amazes me how a few pieces of angeled aluminum, fabric covered wood and some screws can make up an interior. Having taken the time to dig into the internals of the box I have a good understanding of what will need to be cut out, reinforced, and what can be reused. On the left side of the box Ill need to have some aluminum bent up to act as filler panels and a firewall once I cut out the cabinets. Same goes for the back where the bathroom will be. On the passenger side the main bench can be cut out to fit the dinette, the rear storage box will be disected to fit the fridge and microwave. Ill take some pics & label placement of items tomorrow so my madness can be visualized. I also believe I need to buy 2 new main batteries for the rig as mine are shot!

A few pics of the interior to come: Sleeping capacity = 4
Couch up

Into bed


Into bed

Fridge; Norcold N300 - its a propane accessory

For the interior Im thinking about using a more metallic pallet; silvers, stainless steel, aluminum & diamond plate with some black, white and maybe red thrown in. It keeps with the surgical/sanitary feel on an ambalamps.

Oh here is a funny I found in the electrical box
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