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Originally Posted by bbaXJ View Post
See my previous post. The authorities have become a questionable source for information and credibility. Seems to me that they'll only tell us what they want us to hear. Do all these false flags and speculations make sense? Of course not. But that doesn't mean we should all be sheeple and wait for them to tell us whatever fits their agenda, then blindly follow along. Raising doubts and suspicions isn't a bad thing, you just have to know when it's just that and not treat it as fact. Thinking about it analytically is healthy and normal, and believing everything we're told is getting to be a risky proposition with where this country seems to be headed. I hate to sound like another conspiracy nutjob because I'm absolutely not, but you seem very opposed to questioning any other scenarios here.
The problem is the authorities cannot tell us everything and the level that they do tell us is dependent on who is in office. Besides, the majority of what people are speculating on is from media coverage, not what the authorities have said. I love it when someone who actually does not believe all the conspiracy theories and hidden agendas must be a "sheeple". I guess then I'd rather be a sheeple than a lemming, falling for every attempt to show a hidden agenda. I also wonder why it is not possible that the only scenario is someone decided to plant bombs at the Boston Marathon for their own terrorist agenda. Why does it have to be the government, doing it for their own diabolical goals? What are they really going to accomplish? Kill innocent people or pretend to kill innocent people (the Sandyhook Elementary never took place bs) to take guns away? Would it not make more sense to just point to inner-city violence to do that? Or do we have to have a "white man problem" to make sure enough support is given so taking guns away isn't met with too much resistance?
I guess it comes down to the lack of logic behind all these scenarios and the false flags that get raised and then debunked undermines anyone that questions the government at all legitimately.
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