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Default Insanity vs genius

With all the threads going around of school shootings, movie theathers, bombings, and just a lot of general asshat-tery, whilst on the toilet this mornin I had this stroke of mental illness or insane genius. I'll let the reader decide.

Since it appears that the above sort of behavior is becoming acceptable, how about doing the same thing with a twist. Be it the terrorist's terrorist. For example instead of going into a school with an ar 15, the individual hits up a Klan rally, 1% biker circle jerk, meth lab or other house of ill will. Tons of people die, it makes the news, pictures of douchholes cryin and askin WHY ME!!

Let's ponder the bombings. It takes a little know how to make a bomb I would have to think. How about we put forth just a little more effort, go that extra mile. Set up a "false" bomb, pyrotecnics, fake injuries, I mean really hollywood it up. Now for the fun part. Set up numerious boxes of "free" marathon jackets and when the looters and scumbags are drawn to aforementioned "free" goodies like a moth to a flame......the jacket bomb is detonated. Scumbags and looters removed.

The chaos and they mayhem are still there. But atleast this way you take out the cancer to society instead of a kindergarten teacher. Just a little something to make you go....hmmmm.

This isn't my first rodeo so the flame suit has been dusted off along with my big boy panties. So let r rip.
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