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Originally Posted by chevotass View Post
few more pages and you will be pulling ahead of honcho's jeepster non build thread.
Now thats a goal I can complete! For now ive been doing alot of the dirty work, removing the biowaste that was left over and cleaning with bleach. When I picked it up the firehall removed the power inverter so I luckly was able to figure out what model was in it and buy a replacement. This will give me 120v back at the electrical outlets and I can reuse the shoreline hookup that can feed the electrical system and keep the batteries maintained. Ive also been going through all the equipment and access doors to free up the mechs, they are all gummed up and not working correctly.

Next week I want to buy the EGR delete parts from Sinister. At that point I'll do all the standard maintance crap that 6.0's need to keep alive! I believe my FICU is acting up as well so I need to look into that and the batteries. Same goes with the A/C, no cold air up front. Besides that there isnt anything wrong with the truck, well except the muffler that is split down the center. Im also removing the lettering and some of the lights.
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