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Originally Posted by SS View Post
I'm pretty curious...

Why did you buy this and start a whole new project if you have multiple that are sitting around unfinished?
In the past I started projects without fully thinking everything out and would get to the point of getting mentally burnt out. My TJ's are key examples of this. I'm now at a point in life where I can be stable enough to commit to completion, that is why I haven't sold off my pile of part tj. Once I have my own place I shouldn't keep with excuses of not working on something. Like I stated this is a back burner to be worked on when the time arises. As it sits I could go camping with it. Why tear into it and like normal fail to commit to complete it. Its easier to buy something when a deal comes then wait and pay more later on. That's how I think and even if I say f it and sell later I'll easily double what I've invested into it I might be dumb but I'm good with numbers.

Originally Posted by GearDrive View Post
Are Unimog 419 axles on the list too?
Overrated and not useful for the application.
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