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Originally Posted by Strangler View Post
Fwiw.... When we converted my buddy's E350 to 4wd we used an 05+ front axle and radius arms and basically made drop brackets for the radias arm mounts. We even kept the factory spring buckets. We had his 2wd trans converted to 4wd and mated it to a 271(which required cutting a large chunk out of the fuel tank) And still had spline count issues. The trans also required a series of dip switches just to make it shift because the vss was different. When all was said and done, we should have left the trans alone and just ran a divorced 205.
I thought about running that style of 60 but figured its more work then what its worth. Im lot looking for a rti champ flex monster, with good shocks and springs this will ride just like my f250. Also with running springs i can install the conversion brackets and still drive it. Ill be using a manual 271 and the fuel tank is in the rear of the box. No additional trans mods are needed for a 6.0 as the rear housing and output shaft can be installed as a simple unbolt. On 7.3's the trans has to be removed and stripped down to swap shafts and rear output housings.

2 other big differences between the 6.0 and 7.3 are the 6.0 vans have inner coolers and a rpm gauge in the dash. A 7.3 doesnt. The whole 4x4 conversion should cost less then 4 grand for basic stock axles and suspension. Im planning on 6" of lift, locked axles and pitbull 35's.
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