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Originally Posted by barry1me View Post
if it was done by some jihads the smart thing they can do is not claim responsibility for the incident and let someone or someother group take the blame. If they could spin it on some right wing extremist it would have far worse effects on the US.

I feel this is the beginning of jihad on American soil in earnest and we're going to start seeing a lot more of these European/Israel style bombing attacks. I might start getting suspicious if all of the blame starts getting thrown on "right wing extremists" or the Tea Party.

The fact that the Government has plans that will enable a complete shut down of cell phone service without the carrier's participating doesn't surprise me at all. We had vehicle mounted and backpack systems that could actively jam all cell/radio signals when we were in Iraq in 2009. All it takes is for one of the vehicle mounted systems to park near a cell tower and that whole area goes dark.

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