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Originally Posted by concreteguy82 View Post
Ahhh yes. The nothing of substance until my agenda arrives bit... I wonder if his staff is preparing an apology speech; or if he has had W on the phone to help him grow some balls.
Originally Posted by sandguy356 View Post
this is sooo screwed up, what does this accomplish for anyone?
is this the start of our society ending up like most cities in the middle east where this happens more often?

Howdy Doodie in the white house better call W and find out how you go after people that do stuff like this, if he tries on his own he will end up hosting them in the Lincoln bedroom.
Originally Posted by barry1me View Post
its pretty easy how you deal with this....if this is some jihad you go drop some bombs. Thats what Reagon did, thats what W did. If countries fear you then they are less likely to mess with you. If you act like a PC lib feel good hippy attitude then people will not fear you and they will act upon it.
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